Every house has it’s rules. This is ours!


 In order to ensure everyone is having a good time please respect our house rules.

1. Supervision & Safety

We believe in safety first! At The Herb Farm Play Yard children must be supervised by an adult/carer, we have operators at most stations, but the child remains the responsibility of the guardian / parent.

2. Safety Operators

Please listen to and follow the instructions given by our Safety Operators. Certain restrictions are in place for your safety. The Operators do not have the authority to override them. Please do not place them in a difficult position. The Herb Farm and Play Yard is a Non-Smoking zone. A drink? Our restaurant is licensed but you can drink anywhere else!

3. Adults

We do not allow adults that are not accompanied by a child into the pork. lf it’s too rainy and miserable, our Management reserves the right to close areas for your safety.

4. Animals

We love animals, but only allow guide dogs into the park. Unfortunately we do not have kennel facilities, so furry friends will have to stay at home.

5. Parking

Ample parking is available. Access via the Herb Farm Gates only!

5. Smoking and liquor

The Herb Farm and Play Yard is a Non-Smoking zone. We have areas allocated for a quick smoke break! Our restaurant is licensed but you can drink anywhere else! Alcohol is only permitted in the restaurant and party units and we have the right to confiscate it and ask persons to leave who are under the influence. No alcohol is allowed in the childrens play areas and outside of the above mentioned units.

5. Children

Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by a competent adult at all times.

The Herb Farm Play Yard strives to offer you and your family the safest day out possible, but we can only do this with your help. Please ensure that you supervise your children at all times. Please make on assessment as to whether a play area is suitable for your child’s abilities before putting them on.

6. Fire arms and weapons

For the safety of our staff and visitors no weapons and fire arms will be allowed on the premises. The Herb Farm are not allowed to lock these items away either.

7. Food

You can’t bring your own food into the Play Park. But we have great food options for the whole family! Bags are searched when you arrive to ensure everyone’s safety. So please don’t fill them with food and drinks.

8. Weather

We try our best to stay open and keep our Play Yard  going, but sometimes the weatherman says no!

9. Entry and T&C’s

Complaints, loss, damage, injury, refunds and policies on who we let into the Park.

Right of admission reserved

Our management reserves the right to refuse admission to those who they feel; are unsuitable for the parks facilities.

Comments and complaints

We like to get your feedback! If you have any problems or suggestions during your visit, please to see a manager.

Loss, damage & injury

Please take extra care to look after your things. Our Management accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property by visiting or using any of the parks attractions or facilities.


If you use the Play Yard and facilities, you do so at your own risk. Our management accepts no responsibility for personal injury. Please be careful!

Bad behavior

Threatening behavior, verbal abuse or violence will not be permitted anywhere in the Play Yard.Anyone exhibiting this behavior will be removed from the park.

No Refunds

The Play Yard has a no refund policy! In the case of bad weather. a “rain check” will be issued to use on another day!

No private parties

If you like you can book a party through management.

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