Hardy, shrub with blue-green feathery leaves and yellow flowers. The whole plant repels cats and insects. Care must be taken when working with Rue as the juice from the stem.

Health benefits:

• Excess affects central nervous system and may prove fatal.
• Over dosage can lead to contact dermatitis, sleep disorders, vertigo, delirium, fainting, tremor, spasm, liver damage, kidney damage, depression, vomiting, epigastric pain, fatal
• outcome especially for pregnant women attempting abortion, low pulse, clammy skin, photosensitivity.

Additional information


± 1m, Spread ±80cm


Full sun, well drained, composted soil


Handling the plant may cause allergic skin reactions, use gloves if necessary.
Pick fresh leaves and flowers throughout the year to make an insecticidal infusion, or dry leaves for later use.


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