Parsley – Italian Giant



Has deep green flat leaves. It can also be used in a tea as a blood cleanser and is well-known as an antidote for the smell of garlic on the breath. Companion plant with tomatoes. Bees love it.

Preparation for tea:
• 1 Cup of tea made from fresh leaves, 3 times per day.

TINCTURE (leaves, root or seeds):
• 2-4 ml in water, three times per day.

Additional information


H:60cm W:30cm.


Composted, well-drained, neutral to alkaline soil in sun or partial shade (minimum 4 hours direct sun), Never allow the soil to dry out, as it requires moist soil conditions, but prevent a waterlogged situation.


Leaves are picked during the growing season, and used fresh as needed. Pick leaves from the outside of the plant. Leaves can be dried or frozen for later use. The tastiest leaves will be produced in the first growing season.


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