Globe Artichoke


Besides being delicious to eat, this plant makes a handsome addition to the herbaceous border, with its silver grey thistle like leaves. The flower heads are the edible vegetable. Once it has finished flowering.

Culinary use:

•Unopened flower heads are boiled and the fleshy bases are eaten hot, with hollandaise sauce or melted butter, or cold, with vinaigrette,
•The hearts are baked, fried, or marinated,
•Baby artichokes (from side shoots) are eaten whole, pickled, or preserved in oil,
•Young leafstalks, known as artichoke chard, are blanched and eaten as a vegetable.

Additional information


±1.8m, Spread ±1.2m


Full sun, well drained, composted soil.


Pick fresh leaves just before flowering, Flower heads are cut before the bracts open.


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