A hardy, excellent foliage plant for the garden with lance shaped mid green leaves that are covered with slightly prickly hairs. Bears pink flowers in the summer.

The leaves are a beneficial addition to the compost heap or infused as a liquid plant food.

• Topical as an Emollient: Allantoin promotes and encourage the growth of new cells: Wound healer, Scars, Sunburn, Acne, Athlete’s foot,
• Topical: Cosmetic use of leaves and roots to prevent aging and wrinkles,
• Topical: Skin irritations, itching, rough dry skin, and some cases of eczema and psoriases.
• Topical: Relieve insect bites and stings.


Additional information


±60 cm, Spread ±1 m


Full sun, well drained, composted soil


Pick fresh leaves throughout the growing season


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