Silver Thyme Gluhwein

(We were inspired by this month’s issue of Garden and Home – and added our own touch to it)

You need:

750ml  Shiraz (We used Theuniskraal Shiraz, it started us off with an already spicy foundation)

125g – Brown Sugar

3x Cardamom Pods

2x  Cinnamon Sticks (about 5cm each)

4x Star Aniseeds

1x Small Lemon (we put the whole Lemon through the Juicer, but you can     use zest and juice separately)

250ml – Orange Juice

How to:

  • Place wine and sugar in a pot
  • Warm over low heat until the sugar is melted
  • Add the spices and lemon and simmer for about 30min
  • Remove spices and serve with:
    • Fresh Sprigs of Silver Thyme
    • Orange slices
    • And an Aniseed or 2